France and the seeds of radicalism and authoritarianism: article by Le Monde on “les crispations alarmantes de la société française”

So, if to a decline in independent art, and in particular a “banalisation” of mass art such as cinema,are added a high feeling of mistrust for the political authorities; an alarming surge in xenophobic sentiment and in particular anti-Muslim feeling; and a widespread feeling accross all political spectra that “strong authority is needed to put things in order” in France, it seems that we are reaching state of mind that is not foreign to the history of Europe … .

According to an article published by the LSE’s Blog for  European Politics and Policy (EUROPP), the Greek share a similar feeling of mistrust towards their political institutions, which, the authors of the article insist, is hampering the attempts at implementing the reforms necessary for the austerity measures required by the EU and other international organisations.

Europa … quo vadis?


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