Poverty and parenting – commenting on today’s Spanish news

http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20130407/detenida-mujer-tras-ahogar-banera-presuntamente-hijos-8-11-anos/632900.shtml :

This tragic “fait divers” seems like a sad logical consequence of poverty, seen too often throughout the world: be it in Democratic Republic of Congo with the phenomenon of the children accused of witchcraft who are expelled from their (overstretched) homes, becoming the street children or shegués as portrayed in “Kinshasa Kids” ; or in Europe today… . I can’t help but think it is no coincidence this has happened in Spain at the moment.

The impact of poverty on parenting, and on children, is multilayered. The Joseph Rowntree foundation has devoted a specific report on this, that after a relatively quick read seems excellent.

A brief article by Zahid Shahab Ahmed, an Australia educated academic of Pakistani origin, who is now focusing more on education, peace and security studies, also summarises the main causes and effects of the impact of poverty on parenting, and provides some academic references on the subject.


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